Make Mac OS X your own with custom icons

There are several ways to create and change the standard Mac OS X icons. This is especially helpful in visually identifying frequently-used folders on your desktop or within your hard drive. Here are a few apps, downloads, and links.

CandyBar is a new OS X application brought to you by Panic, the creators of Audion, and The Iconfactory. Like to customize your Mac? You’ll love CandyBar. CandyBar is an easy, quick way to customize the icons found in the toolbars of the Mac OS X Finder, folders, clipping icons, locations and even the OS X Trash icon. Try it out here.

With over 6,500 icons spanning hundreds of sets, is the leading source of quality icons for Mac OS X. Including icons by the absolute master, Hein Mevissen. New sets are posted daily here.

Hein’s icon site is here. Hint: use the tops of Hein’s “X” graphic to scroll thru the icons left or right.

Don’t forget to check out Ancodia’s Iconeer. Iconeer is a powerful, full featured Mac icon builder for System 7 through OS X. It allows for the easy creation of Mac icons of all sizes and color depths from a picture file, clipping, or dragged picture. Different pictures can be optionaly assigned to each icon size and/or depth which can result in “live” icons that change based on window view, screen color depth, or even system version. With real-time preview it is possible to see the complete icon before it is actually saved to disk – as custom icon file, folder with custom icon, icon resource file – or directly to clipboard. Icon import allows ripping the pictures from existing Mac icons. Check it out here.

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