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I received the following message and I thought I’d share it and my answer here for anyone else who might be interested:

Question: When I post to online forums, I like to include graphics using the “img src” tag. The trick is finding a service to host the image so that it pops open in my posts. I want just the image, no borders, albums, or any messy crap. When I upload an image to iDisk, can I get a distinct URL that can be directly accessed?

Answer:Just create your image, throw it in your iDisk’s “Pictures” folder and use the URL format below. Both places you see “yourname” in the URL below should be your .Mac username. “yourpicture” is the image itself with a .gif or .jpg or whatever extension.

Please let me know if this works for you! webmaster@macdailynews.com

(Of course, you could just build a homepage as usual, visit it with a browser, control-click (right-click for multi-button mice) the image itself, open the image in a new window and copy the resulting image URL from the browser’s address window, to achieve the same result.)

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