Komando trolls for page views; calls iMac ‘slow’ says needs ‘diskette drive’

In an article for MSN (yeah, that MSN) entitled, “Why Windows has the edge over the Mac,” industry analyst Kim Komando says, for most users, the design of the new iMac does not justify the price difference between it and PCs she thinks are comparable. She commends the iMac for Windows cross-compatibility, but knocks the iMac for its “slow” performance in running Mac OS X. Komando thinks ways to “fix” the iMac would be a larger screen size in the entry-level iMacs, a multi-button mouse and the return of the diskette drive. Yup. A ‘diskette drive.” Want a punch card reader, too, Kim? This is a sterling example why excessive hair frosting should be banned outright – it obviously kills off brain cells at far too fast a rate. Please take a deep cleansing breath before clicking the link. And yes, we’re here to help Komando net those page views in true Dvorak-style. We won’t help the desperate out too often, but it’s fun to point it out once and awhile. Oh, do we need to mention that hostesses of shows that are based on fixing computer problems, need computers that have problems and that recommending Macintosh would be detrimental to their show’s health? Nah, thought not.

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