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Jul 29, 2015 - 09:32 AM EDT — AAPL: 123.38 (+0.00, +0%) | NASDAQ: 5099.39 (+10.19, +0.2%)

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  1. Amazon claims biggest Kindle sales day ever, refuses to disclose actual unit sales data

    In a press release issued on Tuesday, Amazon boasted that Cyber Monday 2012…

  2. Why have Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire shipments dropped off a cliff?

    Amazon’s tiny screen Kindle Fire shipments have dropped off a cliff…

  3. How exactly is Amazon worth more than 13 Apples?

    It’s almost as if Wall Street is pricing Amazon on the basis of Apple’s earnings…

  4. Cringely predicts Amazon and Bezos to supplant Apple and Jobs in 2012

    If Apple gives up its position of industry leadership in 2012 the only company capable…

  5. Amazon claims over 4 million Kindles sold in December

    Amazon celebrated another milestone for its hardware Thursday by claiming…

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