Amazon claims over 4 million Kindles sold in December

“Amazon celebrated another milestone for its hardware Thursday by claiming the ‘best holiday ever’ for its Kindle line,” Electronista reports.

“It marked over four million combined sales of the Kindle Fire and Kindle line in December, including the regular touch and e-paper models,” Electronista reports. “It wouldn’t break down the shipments by the individual model and isn’t expected to give its quarterly numbers.”

Electronista reports, “The sales tallies might cast some doubt on rumors of Amazon shipping five million Kindle Fires in the fall. With only six weeks of sales to work from and only some of the known four million being the Android tablet, the real sell-through would need to be significantly lower by necessity. Amazon could still claim second place in the tablet market given the poor turnout of fellow Android supporters, but it may not be as much as thought by some and won’t be a significant threat to the iPad.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: All Kindles, including cheapo $79 black and white e-readers, combined sold just 4 million units in December?

Weak. Very weak.

And now for the Kindle Fire return parade, about which Amazon will never utter even a single solitary peep.

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  1. I bought a Kindle for my wife for Christmas. I wish I could have got her an iPad, but it was outside my budget. It was easier to get her an e-reader for $150.00 than $500.00. Someday we’ll upgrade her, but this will keep her happy till then.

    1. Kindle Fire Amazon ratings. Nearly 20% are 1 or 2 star. My guess is 15 % return rate. An 85 year old neighbor got a fire from his grand kids and he ask my opinion of the KF vs iPad. I told him to read the reviews. He’s returning and buying an iPad. No way he would have had the skills to solve the connection/software issues. Having Apple store 5 minutes away and the set up assistance available was also a positive re the iPad.

    2. Have you heard of anyone boasting about his beautiful wife but does not want to show her publicly? Amazon must be one of a narcissistic husband going out for cheap publicity but does not dared to prove the claim.

    3. With similar situations in the past, I’ve been able to estimate hidden high return rates by comparing suspiciously glowing claims for units shipped against relative revenue/earnings across multiple quarters, although company as large as Amazon has more options to cloak return rates. Call me cynical, but I’m not expecting them to willingly reveal the true number.

  2. My sister got a fire for Christmas.

    It’s not a bad device, but a long shot from an iPad.
    I set it up for her… Nightmare.
    Connected to her wifi, but refused to go online. Found out its a bug in the 6.0 software.. Luckily my niece had a USB cable that worked with the fire and I was able to side load the 6.2 os, after that I was able to get online and register it etc.

    Clunky ui, but over all not “bad”.
    It’s just no iPad… By any stretch.

  3. now watch all the Fragmandroids misinterpret this as Amazon selling 4 million Fires when in fact it’s 4M of all Kindles combined

    funny how Amazon is hyping this Fire to death, then too ashamed to reveal actual numbers of the break down.

    Love how the Google fans include Fire when it’s trying to prove that Android is open and diversified at all price points, then trying to exclude Fire as a mutant when the actual sales look bad.

  4. Mother in law got one, but she’s cheap and happy with it. My sister in law got a fire to replace her iPad 1.0. Yes, she is indeed in therapy, with self destruction issues.

    1. Pedro, Usually you have to wait for a quarterly report to get the numbers. Lots of estimates are out there, but Apple is pretty good about providing actual numbers when they do report (actually, it usually sounds more like boasting but other than haters, who can claim them?)

  5. well then Amazon probably sold about 5 million Kindles total in the last five weeks. assuming 2/3 were the Fire, that would mean they sold about 3.3 million Fires. not bad at all for just US sales. chop off 10% for returns and call it 3 million. (i’d bet the iPad return rate is <1%.)

    the real losers are all the other Android 7" tablet makers. their US sales just died. bye bye.

  6. I have severalfriends who bought (or received) Kindle Fires. If they don’t return them, or are satisfied, I am sad to admit I’ll lose some respect for them. And don’t ask me for tech support- I refuse to do Windows, and I don’t play with Fire.

  7. I was just at the local drinking hole and some Kindle Fire fanatic was bragging and explaining to some naive individuals on its awesomeness. He bragged how the smaller screen is better for movies, reading, email and so on. iPad screen is to big for basic use. It’s overkill and priced too high. C’mon I almost started laughing out loud.

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