“Fitness trackers, running watches, activity bands – they’re all only as good as the functions you use them for. By that I mean, what’s handy for one woman could be damn useless to another,” Amy Hopkinson writes for Women’ Health. “But, take a watch that can run on one charge from AM to PM, while reporting on my half marathon training, mindful miles and movement competition with friends and I’m happy to lend a wrist to test it out.”

“Clocking current pace and average pace is more than helpful, but actually, what’s better in a race – or when training for a consistent pace – is knowing precisely how long the last mile took you to run. That’s what rolling mile does,” Hopkinson writes. “For example, if you’re 3.5 miles into a 5-mile run then your rolling mile pace is measured from 2.5 miles. I’ve used this to keep on track on tempo runs. ”

“There’s nothing more annoying than reaching your first mile of 10 only to remember that you’ve left the hob on – easily done when prepping pre-run porridge at 6 am,” Hopkinson writes. “But rather than turn back, if you watch has cellular you can now use Walkie-Talkie to quickly plead with your partner or housemate to rectify the issue while you run. You could also ask them to run a bath at mile nine too. Don’t tell them I said that.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This review seems centered around Apple’s Workout app, not the Nike Run Club app (Apple Watch Nike+) which is a very good thing since the Nike Run Club app is not recommended. If anyone knows a way (that actually works) to get all — years worth — of Nike+ running data free to import into something like Strava, please let us know!