“When Steve Jobs told his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs that the Apple Lisa computer was not named after her, it was not a cruel lie to a little girl, she insists — he was teaching her ‘not to ride on his coattails,'” Nellie Bowles writes for The New York Times. “When Mr. Jobs refused to install heat in her bedroom, he was not being callous, she says — he was instilling in her a ‘value system.'”

“It’s a strange thing to write a devastating memoir with damning details but demand that these things are not, in fact, damning at all,” Bowles writes. “Yet that’s exactly what Ms. Brennan-Jobs has done in a new memoir, Small Fry, and in a series of interviews conducted over the last few weeks.”

“Ms. Brennan-Jobs navigated a childhood on welfare with her mother, the artist Chrisann Brennan, and an adolescence ensconced in her father’s wealth,” Bowles writes. “On the eve of publication, what Ms. Brennan-Jobs wants readers to know is this: Steve Jobs rejected his daughter for years, but that daughter has absolved him. Triumphantly, she loves him, and she wants the book’s scenes of their roller skating and laughing together to be as viral as the scenes of him telling her she will inherit nothing.”

“Ms. Brennan-Jobs’s forgiveness is one thing,” Bowles writes. “What’s tricky is that she wants the reader to forgive Mr. Jobs, too. And she knows that could be a problem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Steve Jobs was a piece of work; a complex, glorious, terrible, wonderous, flawed, human being like us all.

Obviously, Small Fry will be a must-read for any fan and/or student of Jobs.

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