“When Patrick McMullan wants a Diet Dr. Pepper while he’s at work, he pays for it with a wave of his hand. McMullan has a microchip implanted between his thumb and forefinger, and the vending machine immediately deducts money from his account,” Rachel Metz reports for MIT Technology Review. “At his office, he’s one of dozens of employees who have been doing likewise for a year now.”

“McMullan is the president of Three Square Market, a technology company that provides self-service mini-markets to hospitals, hotels, and company break rooms. Last August, he became one of roughly 50 employees at its headquarters in River Falls, Wisconsin, who volunteered to have a chip injected into their hand,” Metz reports. “The idea came about in early 2017, he says, when he was on a business trip to Sweden—a country where some people are getting subcutaneous microchips to do things like enter secure buildings or book train tickets. ”

“A year into their experiment, McMullan and a few employees say they are still using the chips regularly at work for all the activities they started out with last summer. Since then, an additional 30 employees have gotten the chips, which means that roughly 80 of the company’s now 250 employees, or nearly a third, are walking, talking cyborgs,” Metz reports. “‘You get used to it; it’s easy,’ McMullan says. As far as he knows, just two Three Square Market employees have had their chips removed — and that was when they left the company.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Considering the way most people are about their privacy, thinking they are invisible or something (after all, Facebook still has over a billion users), we expect chipping to spread, not recede.

“Like it or not, it’s the next logical step. At first, it’ll even be optional. Welcome to a Brave New World. We’re surprised it hasn’t come sooner.” — MacDailyNews, July 24, 2017

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