“Got an old tablet lying around?” Rick Broida writes for CNET. “I’m a huge fan of repurposing it into a full-time digital photo frame.”

“I say this as someone who’s owned an actual, dedicated photo frame for years — one that cost around $150 when I bought it. I love it; my family loves it. Guests gush over it. Why more people don’t have these, I really don’t understand,” Broida writes. “Here’s your chance to have one for practically nothing. There are lots of ways to put a spare tablet to work as a photo frame, but I’ve yet to find one as flat-out simple — and affordable — as Framee. Available for Android and iOS, a one-year subscription (purchased in-app) costs just $2.”

“It works like this: You install the app on both your phone and your tablet,” Broida writes. “(This can be a relative’s tablet, too — a nice option if you want to share photos with, say, tablet-owning grandparents.) The phone supplies the photos: Just select one from within the Framee app and presto, it gets delivered to the tablet. Bam. Done… There’s also a built-in timer that can turn the screen off during designated times, like at night.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, if you have an old iPad Air that’s gathering dust, give it to the grandparents and, for $1.99/year, you and your other family members can share photos with them! (The subscription allows you to invite other people to add photos to your stream. For example, a sibling can invite another sibling so they can both send photographs to the grandparent’s iPad.)