“The Apple TV 4K and iTunes are getting support for Dolby Atmos. Should you care?” David Katzmaier writes for CNET. “The Apple TV 4K was already CNET’s favorite streaming device for home theater geeks with extra cash, in part because it supports Dolby Vision HDR for video. With the addition of Dolby Atmos this fall, it gets even more capable.”

Why Atmos on Apple TV 4K matters:
• It brings the Apple TV 4K closer to being “the one” source you need.
• It makes buying on iTunes even more future-proof.
• It can actually sound better.

Why it doesn’t matter:
• You need the right gear (and content) to appreciate it.
• Other devices have it already.
• “Regular” surround sounds pretty great.
• It’s only on iTunes (for now).

“In sum, the Apple TV 4K getting Atmos support is a big deal for home theater enthusiasts with nice Atmos rigs who buy movies through iTunes and watch them via Apple TV,” Katzmaier writes. “For everyone else, maybe not so much.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Maybe “everyone else” or some percentage of them will look to get themselves Atmos setups so they can hear what they’re missing.

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