“Apple is, or at least was, working on an ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint scanner,” Luke Edwards reports for T3. “The bad news is that it may never be something we see in an iPhone.”

“The ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner was leaked by Korea’s Chosun in the form of a patent,” Edwards reports. “While current under-screen fingerprint scanners use light to see the details of a finger, the ultrasonic version is far more accurate – if not more expensive.”

“The reality is that despite Samsung allegedly working on this ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reading tech, Apple likely won’t ever use it,” Edwards reports. “The iPhone X embraced Face ID and ditched Touch ID, saying the new system is 20 times more secure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fingerprint scanners are passé, as anyone with an iPhone X properly set up for Face ID will attest.