“Imagine turning your home into the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise, where a disembodied voice deftly answers every question you can ask, and you don’t carry an iPhone or iPad anymore. Unfortunately, you also can’t unlock your doors, you can’t go outside, the brands you like are replaced with generic alternatives, and popular games, creative apps and other content aren’t available anymore,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppelInsider. “This is the fantasy future of Amazon Alexa — but fortunately not the vision of Apple’s new HomePod.”

Dilger writes, “Apple is selling the building blocks for home applications that need powerful, encrypted, Continuity-connected, high-quality hardware.”

“Expect that Amazon and Google will continue to deliver smart apps for Apple’s emerging home platform,” Dilger writes, “even as their own standalone voice platforms tank alongside their loss leader hardware sales, just as previously occurred in smartphones, tablets and wearables.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Apple naysayers will, as always, be disappointed as Apple wins yet again.