“Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway added over 31 million Apple shares to its portfolio in the December quarter,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “With a total of 165 million shares, worth $28 billion, Apple comprises 14.6% of Berkshire’s $191 billion of assets as of December 31. This made it the firm’s largest investment, barely passing Wells Fargo by $200 million.”

Jones writes, “The filing, released after the market closed on Wednesday, revealed that Apple is Berkshire’s largest holding is probably one of the reasons that Apple’s stock has risen almost $3, or 1.7%, on Thursday morning vs. the NASDAQ’s 0.2%.”

“By buying 31 million shares in the December 2017 quarter it now has 165 million, making it the firms’ largest holding in terms of market cap,” Jones writes. “Buffett is well known for holding onto his investments for a very long time and having a substantial ownership in those companies. It is fairly amazing that in the course of just under two years that Apple is now Berkshire’s largest investment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, mom and pop investors will follow ol’ Warren even after they’ve been hoodwinked by the annual Nikkei / AAPL shorts FUDfest.

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