“I recognize that these are vastly different products, but Apple’s success with Apple Watch after much skepticism from the market reminds me strongly of the imminent rollout of HomePod,” Dave Mark writes for The Loop.

“The early watchOS experience is quite different from what we’ve got today,” Mark writes. “What’s critical to me is that those changes rolled out as free software updates. And they work on the original hardware.”

“The point is, Apple Watch at birth was almost nothing like what we have today,” Mark writes. “And I believe the same thing will be true for HomePod.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s success with [insert product here] after much skepticism from the market reminds us strongly of virtually every new product Apple has ever introduced.

Without Steve Jobs, visionary and perfectionist, Apple is reduced to throwing public betas – unnamed, but that’s what they are – on the market (Apple Music, Apple Watch, Siri Remote, HomePod) and letting early adopters (beta testers) perform en masse and publicly some measure of the winnowing and perfecting that the genius Jobs could do all by his lonesome behind the scenes prior to public release.