“Apple’s shiny new iPhone X has a couple of defining features that require specific support from app developers: The “notch” at the top of the display and Face I,” Richard Devine reports for iMore.

“Updating apps takes time, even for big developers like Microsoft. Right now if you’re using the iPhone X, you’ll have a mix of apps that look awesome and support the phone properly,” Devine reports. “Then there are the apps that are letterboxed as if they’re on one of the ‘normal’ iPhones.”

“This list doesn’t include all of Microsoft apps, and there are some you’ll notice missing,” Devine reports. “But that’ll change eventually, and as apps are given support we’ll keep this list updated.”

See the list of Microsoft’s iOS apps that currently support Apple’s iPhone X here.

MacDailyNews Take: The number of iOS apps that are adding iPhone X support – 20 and counting even from Mediocresoft – seems to be picking up steam with each passing day!