Apple debuts four commercials for HomePod’s debut

Apple had debuted four new television commercials on U.S. broadcast and cable networks for their new HomePod smart speaker.

Apple bills HomePod thusly: “A breakthrough speaker. The ultimate music authority. An intelligent home assistant.”

All of the commercials are focused on music, animate the name HomePod to music, and end with the exhortation: “Order now.”

Apple first four HomePod commercials are called:

• Distortion
• Bass
• Equalizer
• Beat

MacDailyNews Take: A nice quartet of introductory spots that’ll drive interest and traffic to Apple’s HomePod webpages.


  1. What can it do? If I need something will siri ask Alexa across the room to find it, buy and deliver it for me ? MDN take. Drive interest ? These spots sadly make me have to ask what it can do and sadly I Have a feeling the entire Apple fan base
    Is starting to say what does Apple solve for me that other devices can’t ? What ecosystem?
    Why ask Siri on HomePod when you have a phone in your hand with Siri to ask and get it wrong.

    If amazon puts out the cheap great phone apples
    In trouble. And they’ll do it with free service.

    So obviously HomePods strength must be sound quality judging from these spots. But there are scores of great Bluetooth speakers available.

    Not one hint to functionality.

    Apple is lucky we all held out waiting for them to perfect HomePod. It better do something. So far no real reason to get this.

    Hey Siri. What can HomePod do?
    Answer: do you want me to search the web for
    More results?
    All this talk if AI. When amazon and google have real intel.

    So Does it just work ? Or play ?
    Apples looking really fat at a time when fat looks stupid.
    Apple needs to get into search with Siri as serious as google
    Apple needs to be able to do fulfillment with all those credit cards as serious as amazon.

  2. I love Apple. I am a big investor in AAPL………
    However—— Siri is still TERRIBLE…!! Now I realize that Siri is much more compartmented in how it gets information.
    TC- How will Siri be improved because it still appears to be the weak link.??
    Never mind that I don’t want anything sitting in my house listening …….yeah what could go wrong with that…..!?

  3. I ordered the Home Pod on day 1. I’m not looking for a gimmick such as Googles , but a very good sound to play the music I like. The hi hop or whatever that music was doesn’t appeal to me but it is the music of today, like it or not. I don’t care what other people play for themselves. We have a free choice in the matter. I don’t expect an add with Mozart, just a good sound system and Siri to help towards that end.

  4. Does anyone know if HomePod will work with my Mac or my Apple TV? That is, if I want to play sound from my Mac (or Apple TV) can this do that? Or must I be able to ask Siri for it?

  5. Got one to add great sound to the living quarters to my Motorhome. Should be able to if I add a LAN WiFi. Can anyone confirm this? Otherwise I’ll find another use for it. It won’t go to waste.

  6. Nice, but I have two complaints.
    1. From the ads, all I got is that it is another Apple boom box. Nothing about voice commands, wireless, or touch controls.
    2. Order Now?!?!? They sound like used car salesmen.

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