“The videos are making the rounds as Eagles fans are asking Amazon’s Alexa for her pick for the big game. We did the same thing and her answer won’t bring the boo birds out,” Tim Jimenez reports for CBS Philly.

“‘I’m flying with the Eagles on this one because of their relentless defense and the momentum they’ve been riding off their underdog status,’ said Alexa,” Jimenez reports. “And Alexa finishes off her prediction with an Eagles chant — ‘E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles.’ A passionless one, but still an Eagles chant.”

Jimenez wonders, “So, that’s one perspective, but what does Apple’s Siri have to say?”

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“Spoiler alert: If you’re from Mass., it’s time to toss your Echo,” Steve Annear reports for The Boston Globe. “When a Globe reporter asked Siri who will win Super Bowl LII, she hints at a Patriots win, putting her resolve on the backs of the experts in the field of sports outcomes.”

“‘Those in the know say that the Patriots will defeat the Eagles by 5 points,’ Siri responded after being asked the first time,” Annear reports. “A second query led to this statement: ‘Apparently, the odds favor the Patriots over the Eagles by 5 points.’ The third attempt at getting Siri to take a hard stand on who will emerge victorious was nearly the same as the latter, with Siri repeating that ‘the odds favor the Patriots.'”

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