“If you want an iPad to supplement your iPhone and Mac, you can still get one in the $329 ‘just call me iPad’ model introduced last spring. But the bulk of Apple’s iPad efforts of late have centered on making the device a capable replacement for the traditional computer. The iPad Pro and iOS 11 represent a new vision for the iPad. This vision puts the iPad not next to the Mac, but instead squarely in its place,” Ryan Christoffel writes for MacStories. “It’s a vision embodied by the question, ‘What’s a computer?'”

“I made the iPad Pro my primary computer when it first launched in late 2015. The transition pains from Mac to iPad were minimal, and the device has grown even more capable since that time thanks to improvements in iOS. My need for a Mac is now extremely rare,” Christoffel writes. “My desire for a Mac, however, still exists in a few specific use cases. There are things the Mac has to offer that I wish my iPad could replicate.”

Christoffel’s iPad wish list:
• Multiple Instances of an App
• More Diverse Hardware
• Persistent Background Privileges for Apps
• More First-Party Apps for Professionals
• Multi-User Support

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d love to see everything on that list come to fruition and, here’s another one: RAM options at purchase. Let us load up an iPad Pro with RAM, Apple!