“Steve Jobs, the departed Apple cofounder and CEO, introduced another industry game-changer 10 years ago,” Erik Pineda reports for Tech Times. “He called it the MacBook Air, “‘the world’s thinnest notebook.'”

“When it was first unveiled, the MacBook Air was pulled out from a brown envelope, Jobs’ deliberate ploy to highlight how slim and lightweight the laptop was,” Pineda reports. “Unsurprisingly, the crowd erupted in applause as a reward to Job’s showmanship.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and the MacBook Air

The Air, as expected, translated to a global hit, and the notebook market never looked back.”

“Again, Jobs instigated a disruption in the same way when the first iPhone was revealed three years earlier,” Pineda reports. “If the iPhone managed to convince the world that it was the new definition of smartphone, the MacBook Air took the same path. Eventually, and despite its asking price that starts at $1,800 and up to more than $3,000, the MacBook Air reinvented the notebook.”

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