Apple “is now involved in a new lawsuit with the local clothing brand called KON,” Teja Chedalla reports for PhoneRadar. “KON has the copyright [sic trademark] of its logo which looks similar to the App Store logo in the current iOS and macOS.”

“Back in August this year, Apple replaced the App Store logo consisting of pencil, ruler, and paintbrush with the new logo featuring three plain sticks,” Chedalla reports. “According to KON, the new logo of the App Store on iOS and MacOS is a clear violation of the Chinese [trademark] law. The Chinese company is now demanding Apple to publically apologize in the national media and pay the compensation for economic loss occurred.”

KON logo (left) vs. Apple App Store icon (right)

KON logo (left) vs. Apple App Store icon (right)

“It even wants Apple to stop selling the devices containing the logo of the KON brand,” Chedalla reports. “Currently, the Beijing People’s Court has accepted this case, and the judgment can be expected in the next couple of weeks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The logos look rather similar, but Apple’s is the result of a progression that began before KON was even founded. See the Applications icon from Apple’s Mac OS X 10.0 below, released on March 24, 2001. KON was founded in 2009.

Apple's Mac OS X 10.0 Finder window screenshot

Apple’s Mac OS X 10.0 Finder window screenshot