“Localytics provided me with an update on the market shares of iPhones in use as of Monday, December 18,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “By Localytics monitoring 70 million iOS devices globally and using an estimate of total iPhones in use, it is possible to project how many have been sold and their daily sales rate.”

“In the long run, the number of iPhones in use should be very close to that number that have been sold. The bottom line is this data helps to confirm that iPhone 8 and X sales remain strong (a combined one million plus per day) even though the daily number has slowed,” Jones writes. “While inventory of the iPhone X has improved, if you want to get one in an Apple store, it is best to shop in the morning.”

“The iPhone 8 Plus is still doing better than the iPhone 8. When you add the higher priced iPhone X into the mix the average selling price or ASP for iPhone’s should move up substantially,” Jones writes. “This is the most recent data from Localytics.”

• iPhone 8: 3.0% translates to 23.6 million sold
• iPhone 8 Plus: 3.69% translates to 29.1 million sold
• iPhone X: 4.03% translates to 35.9 million sold

Jones writes, “Total daily sales of 1,060,000 per day.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Holy moly!

Get ready for all-time record iPhone unit sales, iPhone ASP, and iPhone revenue!