“Like the iPhone 4 did in 2010, the iPhone X follows a highly successful iPhone model and diverts from its established formula with a new design and features that will cause our habits to evolve. The iPhone X doesn’t just add to an existing model – it remixes and changes our expectations of what an iPhone should be altogether,” Federico Viticci writes for MacStories. “I see more parallels between the iPhone 4 and iPhone X than, say, the original iPhone and the X: selfies becoming portraits, the advent of Retina and now OLED, and, yes, even being left in a bar and ‘being left’ inside an unreleased firmware.”

“The iPhone X, like the iPhone 4, inaugurates a new direction, with effects that will inevitably ripple through the entire iPhone line,” Viticci writes. “But beyond its striking, sensor-laden display and glass body, the iPhone X is a collection of major themes that will reshape the Apple ecosystem over the next decade.”

“It’s been a long road since the iPhone 4’s front-facing VGA camera. With TrueDepth on the iPhone X, Apple is going beyond selfies and FaceTime: from authentication and attention awareness to 3D effects and live scenes, the iPhone’s camera is maturing into a lens that brings us into apps and rich virtual experiences,” Viticci writes. “To discard TrueDepth as a mere enabler of Face ID would be shortsighted; the iPhone X’s camera system feels like one of Apple’s most important innovations in years.”

Tons more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Even over a month later, each time we pick up iPhone X, it’s a delight. We haven’t been able to say that of many devices… Only the iPod and original iPhone immediately spring to mind. iPhone X is a triumph. It’s not perfect*, certainly, but it’s a tour de force, the world’s best smartphone by a significant margin.

*cough, notch, cough