“Since giving us a sneak peak at the machine earlier in the year, Apple has been relatively quiet about their upcoming iMac Pro, however with the launch month of December now upon us we’re eagerly awaiting Apple’s introduction of the Space Gray powerhouse, and new Google search results may give us a clue as to when the machine will arrive,” Tom Sykes writes for The Apple Post.

“A handful enthusiasts of have taken to Twitter to report that Google, and now Wikipedia, are claiming Apple will unveil the iMac Pro on Monday December 18th, the last week before Christmas and a perfect opportunity for Apple to boost Mac sales at the end of 2017 through to 2018,” Sykes writes. “Just like everything on the internet, take this with a pitch of salt. As pointed out by Macworld UK, it’s possible Google’s search spiders crawled Apple’s site and saw the words ‘December’ and ’18 cores’ next to each other, and jumped to conclusions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Take it with a dump truck worth of salt, but, for now, it’s as good a date as any.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jack” for the heads up.]