“With days until the launch of the iPhone X and its Face ID camera array, Microsoft’s own motion sensing and facial recognition system for Xbox, dubbed Kinect, has been officially discontinued after a long period of languish,” Neil Hughes writes for AppleInsider.

“Kinect first debuted as an optional accessory for the Xbox 360 in the fall of 2010, amid a wave of motion-controlled gaming hype. The camera and microphone system found initial success, but quickly faltered as the technical limitations of the device became apparent in gameplay,” Hughes writes. “For Apple fans, Microsoft’s first Kinect for Xbox 360 is noteworthy because it was based on technology licensed from an Israeli company called PrimeSense. Apple eventually bought PrimeSense for $345 million in late 2013, paving the way for the Face ID technology that will debut next Friday in the iPhone X.”

“This week, Microsoft confirmed to Fast Company that it has ceased manufacturing of the Kinect hardware entirely. Given the lack of Kinect support on Xbox One, it’s not surprising,” Hughes writes. “The technology’s initial promise would ultimately go unfulfilled — at least in Microsoft’s hands.”

“Apple saw value in the same technology, but took a different approach,” Hughes writes. “Apple had very different plans, seeing the miniaturization of the same technology as the future. The purchase of PrimeSense proved to be part of Apple’s push to replace Touch ID with Face ID and TrueDepth.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s marketing budget for Kinect? $500 million. God only knows how much they blew on R&D, etc. Straight down the crapper! 🙂

There’s nothing new in this latest chapter of an age old story. As with the GUI, the portable media player, the smartphone, the tablet, the smartwatch, etcetera, in Microsoft’s hands, it’s a tangled pile of dry straw. In Apple’s, it’s spun into pure gold.

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