“Apple charges a whopping $49 for its 29-watt power adapter if you want to charge up your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus (and soon, the iPhone X) in a hurry,” Mark Spoonauer reports for Tom’s Guide. “But we found a very good alternative that costs less than half as much.”

“On our tests, the $23.99 ZMLM USB Type C wall charger outperformed four other third-party adapters, taking 32 minutes and 25 seconds to bring the iPhone 8 Plus to 50 percent on its battery life meter,” Spoonauer reports. “That’s about 4 minutes behind Apple’s own 29-watt adapter, which did the job in a brisk 28 minutes.”

Spoonauer reports, “The ZMLM charger also comes with an LED light, so you know that it’s working.”

Read more and see all of the test results in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: If you’re willing to wait a minute and a half more than the ZMLM, you can go with the the least expensive unit Tom’s Guide tested, the Mackertop PD Type-C Wall Charger for $15.99 via Amazon.

You’ll have to forego the LED light, but you do get a “Mac” in the name. 😉