“Apple has rolled out an iPhone X-specific environmental impact, [report] with the page suggesting that the high-end OLED device is more recyclable with less impact on the environment than any of the company’s devices that have come before,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple notes that the device is absent of beryllium, brominated flame retardants, mercury, and polyvinyl chloride. The glass is arsenic-free, and the frame it recyclable stainless steel,” Wuerthele reports. “All of the device’s packaging fibers come from 175 grams of bamboo, managed forest, recycled paper, or waste sugar cane.”

Wuerthele reports, “The battery itself is mercury-, lead- and cadmium-free.”

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MacDailyNews Note: iPhone X achieved a Gold or highest rating from EPEAT in the United States and Canada.

Apple’s environmental report for iPhone X is here.

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