“Apple Inc. shares declined Wednesday morning after the tech company reportedly admitted there are issues with connectivity of its new Apple Watch Series 3,” Jeremy C. Owens reports for MarketWatch.

“The new Apple smartwatch is the first to connect to cellular networks on its own, without having to be electronically tethered to an iPhone, but reviewers had issues staying connected while reviewing the new device,” Owens reports. “The new Apple Watch, which costs at least $399 for versions with a cellular connection, opened for preorders last Friday and will begin reaching customers Sept. 22. ”

Owens reports, “Apple stock fell more than 1% in early trading Wednesday, and is down 0.4% in the past month, as the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.15% has gained 3.3%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is a stupid, self-inflicted wound.

This simple bug (trying to connect to captive networks and having no means to do so) should have been caught and fixed months ago, not shipped out to major reviewers.

Now, you’ve got mainstream reporters – [we are not criticizing the reviewers, we’re talking about non-tech reporters misreporting what has happened and blowing it all out of proportion] – who can’t identify their asses from their elbows much less Wi-Fi from LTE rushing to file “reports” on “Apple Watch connectivity flaws.”

Apple Watch Series 3 deserved better. Instead, Tim Cook’s Apple “Mapsified” it.

When you pride yourself on your attention to detail and like to crow about it incessantly, it helps, you know, to actually pay attention to the details.

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