“Spam — phishing, marketing, and scam emails — is annoying, that we can all agree on,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. “Unfortunately, the basis of internet email is that every part of the system more or less mostly trusts every other part. It used to be that every part completely trusted every other part.”

“Even if there were a way to prevent malicious and criminal parties from being able to send email from accounts under their control, an unknown, very large number of computers and email accounts have been hijacked or can be on a moment’s notice, sending scams through addresses that otherwise have only carried legitimate email until that point,” Fleishman writes. “However, you can take steps that will help mitigate it, if you aren’t already.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Email long ago became an unmanageable morass of spam. Using Mail’s VIP lists to collect the important stuff is the only way we’ve found to even partially get it under control.

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