Why you might get a deal on a new iPhone after all

“Wireless companies may help you buy that new iPhone after all,” Patti Domm reports for CNBC. “Way before Apple came up with its pricey nearly $1,000 iPhone X, wireless companies had already moved into the business of creating credit plans so customers could bear more of the cost of their own phones.”

“But now that finance plan could backfire, if carriers get into what already looks to be the start of a competitive battle to one-up each other with costly promotions for the new Apple iPhone 8s and iPhone X,” Domm reports. “Analysts say it’s something the carriers had vowed they would not do, and it’s something consumers would love. ‘They said they wouldn’t be, but within 24 hours of the announcement you were already seeing promotions hit the tape,’ said Amy Yong, an analyst with Macquarie.”

“She said initial promotions include T-Mobile giving $300 in credit with an iPhone 6 trade-in plus three months of free Apple Watch service, she said,” Domm reports. “Verizon is also giving a $300 trade-in credit, and AT&T announced a buy one, get one on the iPhone 8 but nothing on X. The iPhone 8 starts at $699.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Competition is a beautiful thing.

AT&T fires first shot in iPhone price war with buy-one-get-one-free offer – September 13, 2017


  1. The model to pay for phone and service is not sustainable for plans with 2 plus phones and will explode. The phone bill is already close to $400 on 4 lines, due cost of phones, it is more than car payment now. In other countries where people buy phone on cash don’t pay monthly charges they go by buying data card. What is the point of $1000 phone which need to be traded every year, it is crazy. When there will
    Be some sense.

    1. I’m not sure who is your carrier, but I have a family of four, and our plan is $100 on T-Mobile, unlimited everything (with data throttling above 2.5GB on each line). The plan includes free tethering, free data and text roaming (and cheap voice calls while overseas), free unlimited music streaming (which doesn’t count towards your data cap), etc.

      Even if all four of us had purchased brand new base model iPhones 8 today, the plan would barely crack $220 per month (monthly installment for each would be around $30).

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