“Lost amid all the excitement and celebration surrounding Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 was the company’s decision to reduce the price on its already low-cost iPhone SE,” Don Reisinger writes for Tom’s Guide.

“Apple’s smaller, budget-friendly iPhone is now just $349, making it the cheapest handset the company has ever offered,” Reisinger writes. “Admittedly, Apple’s iPhone SE isn’t for folks who need the latest and greatest. The device has only a 4-inch display and a design that’s decidedly old school in a world where glass and big screens mean everything. However, it comes with some nice features, including Touch ID to support Apple Pay and better security.”

“This price drop allows Apple to continue to offer a budget-friendly alternative for folks that want to stay in the iOS ecosystem,” Reisinger writes. “Best of all, the iPhone SE is available now, and isn’t rapidly selling out of pre-orders like the iPhone 8 currently is.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone SE’s industrial design is timeless perfection. It’s a gorgeous iPhone and a prime example of Jony Ives’ very best work. At $349 for 32GB, it’s a steal (but, unless you’re well-versed in living in the cloud, we’d highly recommend shelling out the extra $100 to get the 128GB model for $449 – also a steal)!