“Get psyched, Mac fans!” David Pogue writes for Yahoo Finance. “It’s that time of year again, and a new, free upgrade to your operating system is on its way from Apple.”

“Apple has continued to work on Safari, its web browser—and says that the new version will be the fastest desktop web browser in the world. It will also use less power. Apple claims that you’ll be able to watch Netflix (NFLX) for two hours longer in Safari than other browsers,” Pogue writes. “The big-ticket item underneath Mac OS High Sierra is the Apple File System, developed for the new era of solid-state drives and increased security threats.”

“The Photos app has received a lot of work,” Pogue writes. “New editing tools bring Photos ever closer to Photoshop. You can now manipulate the Curves of a photo’s histogram, or edit only the reds (for example) in a photo. And, inevitably, there are now Instagram-style filters.”

Many more new features covered in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: macOS Highe Sierra beta users, how are you linking it so far? Stable? Fast? Check and check, here.