Apple’s iOS 11 has gone from awful to awesome

“iOS 11 was introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on June 5, and the first public beta appeared at the end of the month. I made the decision to jump to the beta as soon as it was released, so I took the plunge and decided to run the operating system on my daily driver iPhone,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “What a mistake that was.”

“For a public beta, the early releases of iOS 11 were really flaky and temperamental, and the worst I remember from Apple in years. Not only were they buggy, crashy, and incredibly slow, but also a lot of stuff was badly broken,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Battery life was also terrible.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “But over the months the betas got better (as you’d expect), and with the latest iOS 11 public beta 9, the releases have gone from being some of the worst I’ve seen from Apple, to some of the very best.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, iOS 11 is nearly ready for prime time!


  1. Please tell me that they have fixed this brainless feature…
    You have a timer running, say for cooking a steak. Screen is on, you’re in the Clock app, the timer goes off and a sheet slides down to tell you the timer in the clock app has expired, which you are already in and looking at but which you can’t respond to, because the Sheet demands attention. So to get access to the clock app to run the timer for the other side of the steak, I have to first deal with the Sheet.
    I’m already in the bloody clock app, I don’t need a Sheet to tell me something which is already in front of my face.
    Please, tell me iOS 11 doesn’t do that anymore.

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