“Intel today has announced its newest workstation class processors with the Xeon W family,” Michael Potuck writes for 9to5Mac. “The new processors replace the previous E5 series that was used in Apple’s Mac Pro and could be used in Apple’s upcoming modular Mac Pro.”

“The new Xeon W family is designed help fill the gap in Intel’s processors between server and consumer use,” Potuck writes. “They will replace the E5-1600 series that Apple has used in its Mac Pro and use Intel’s Skylake architecture.”

“Intel didn’t give specifics on when the new Xeon W series will be available other than Q4 of 2017. It’s possible we could see Apple use these new processors in its upcoming Mac Pro. However, if expectations of a possible launch waiting until 2019 turn out to be true, Apple could end up using something different,” Potuck writes. “There is also the possibility of Apple using these new Intel Xeon W processors in its upcoming iMac Pro, but it may be more likely to use Intel’s recently announced Core X series that also supports up to 18 cores and will be more affordable.”

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