“Apple users head to their local mall’s Apple Store, owned by Apple Inc., with their iPhone or laptop in tow for service or to take a course,” Michelle Lodge writes for TheStreet. “Then while waiting for repairs or on the way in or out of the mall, they may stop at a Nordstrom and drop $300 on a shirt or look at a loveseat at a Brookstone for about $200.”

“The mall trip could also mean picking up makeup at MAC, owned by Estee Lauder Companies Inc., or maybe even dinner at P.F. Chang’s,” Lodge writes. “$Ka-ching, $ka-ching, $ka-ching.”

“Apple Stores turn out to be very good neighbors, and have become the new mall anchor store, a role once held by department stores, because they draw lots of foot traffic, which also benefits the smaller stores,” Lodge writes. “‘An Apple Store in a mall is equivalent to staying alive at a mall,’ [says Loup Ventures partner Gene Munster]… ‘Apple Stores are a landlord’s dream tenant,’ said Robin Abrams, a commercial real estate executive in New York City. ‘It’s guaranteed that Apple is going to bring traffic.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we noted back in 2015:

A growing number of malls are actually paying Apple to build a store in theirs.

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