“You can say a lot with an emoji — and you’ll soon be able to say even more,” Samantha Murphy Kelly reports for CNN. “Apple announced a collection of new emoji characters coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year. The news coincides with World Emoji Day,”

“While there’s a handful of playful options — from a coconut and a sandwich to a ‘mind blown’ emoji — several feature more inclusive roles for women, such as one wearing a headscarf and another breastfeeding,” Kelly reports. “Apple teased more than a dozen new emoji, including a genie, t-rex, yoga master, zebra, elf and a zombie. There’s also a starstruck emoji and one throwing up green vomit.”

“The emoji are Apple’s interpretation of 69 new symbols approved this year by the Unicode Consortium,” Kelly reports. “The Unicode Consortium has dramatically increased the number of official emoji in recent years. It has approved 2,666 emoji as of June, up from 722 just two years ago.”

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Apple's mind-blowing emoji