“Unless you’ve had a chance to try some Apple HomeKit products in someone’s home or apartment, it can be hard to understand how it all works,” Megan Rose Dickey reports for TechCrunch. “In order to help with that, Apple has unveiled interactive HomeKit experiences in 46 of its retail stores worldwide.”

“Now, when you go into Apple’s new retail stores, you’ll be able to use the Home app from either an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to control devices like the Phillips Hue light bulb, the Hunter ceiling fan and many others,” Dickey reports. “If you tap to the lower the shades in the living room, for example, you’ll see the shades lower in the house shown on the screen.”

“In the U.S., people can check out the experience at Apple’s Union Square store in San Francisco, its World Trade Center and Williamsburg stores in New York, and 28 other stores throughout the country,” Dickey reports. “Outside of the U.S., Apple offers these experiences in 15 stores, including ones in the UK, UAE, Germany, Mexico, Singapore and Taiwan. A non-interactive HomeKit experience will be offered at all of Apple’s other stores — the ones without ‘The Avenue’ window displays.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another smart bit of education-based marketing from Angela Ahrendts!

This will help spread the HomeKit word and sell HomeKit-capable accessories much more rapidly than other forms of tradition marketing could ever hope to muster.

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