“Just as video standards have gone from SD to HD to 4K, audio has also been improving the quality on offer,” Martyn Casserly writes for Macworld UK. “Now high-res audio is the order of the day for those who want the very best listening experience while on the move.”

“iPhones don’t arrive with this as an immediate option, but with an app or two… you can make it a reality,” Casserly writes. “If you listen to songs you’ve purchased from iTunes, chances are you’re not hearing the full sonic landscape as the artist intended. There are good reasons for this. In order to make tracks with manageable file sizes, they are usually compressed (made smaller) by removing various data that is deemed superfluous. That’s why you can fit so many on your iPhone.”

“For a lot of people this is fine and the songs sound good enough,” Casserly writes. “But if you want richer tunes then you’ll need versions that retain all the information.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Of course, you’ll need headphones with an integrated DAC, too.