Analyst claims Apple has just weeks to fix its ‘fingerprint problems’

“KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Andy Hargreaves, in collaboration with his colleagues John Vinh, covering semis, and Josh Beck, covering electronic payments, this morning reiterates a Sector Weight rating on shares of Apple, after reviewing conversations he’s had with the electronics supply chain and determining that Apple is still having problems with the fingerprint recognition capabilities of its presumed forthcoming iPhone 8, and that it has just a couple weeks to solve the matter before its earnings estimates are at risk,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

We believe it would typically take 12 weeks from placement of fingerprint IC orders to full volume production of iPhones. Consequently, if Apple is able to solve its fingerprint problems and place orders for fingerprint ICs before August, it would likely be able to reach volume production in late October or early November. We believe this remains Apple’s preferred path, and expect it would be acceptable to both consumers and investors. It is entirely unclear if Apple will be able to fix the problem in this time frame. — KeyBanc Capital Markets

Ray reports, “Not having the fingerprint sensor, he writes, would not be good, as it might effectively shut out the new phone from things like Apple Pay.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nope.

All new iPhones will support Apple Pay.

The silly season is starting early this year (we usually have to wait until the dog days of August)! Ignore goofy, ginned-up concerns over Apple from “analysts.”


    1. Nah. Moving backwards on a hypothetical GANT Chart the iPhone X would have to be finalized no later than mid March.

      This is a made up story by someone that knows shit about the manufacturing process.

  1. I do not use Touch ID as my dry skin does not play well with it. Working in healthcare, I wash my hands countless times a day, wear examine gloves many times a day, etc. all of which dry the skin on my fingers.
    I use the keypad to unlock, yet I use Apple Pay via my Apple Watch. Problem solved.

    1. Apples ecosystwm is so strong! I use my watch for Apple Pay about 75% of the time. Just makes sense.

      Here is to hoping Apple’s mic sytem is as good as Apple Watch series 2 in the next iPhones!

  2. How many times have analysts been asked by Apple not to rely on component suppliers information? A countless number of times. Yet, the analysts keep going back to using supply chain info. They simply refuse to listen to any sort of reasoning.

    Saying nonsense about new iPhones not working with ApplePay is absolutely ludicrous. Where do these knuckleheads get their ideas from? Why would Apple put out any new iPhone without supporting ApplePay as hard as Apple is working to get more locations to use it?

    1. Totally agree, in fact I think the whole iphone 8 coming this year is complete wishful thinking bunk, its an “S” year, so it will be 7S and 7s+ with 8 next year.

  3. Somebody call Andy and ask him how many shares his firm is “shorting” prior to Aug 1 earnings……

    Used to be silly season, now renamed to fnnn Moron Season!!

  4. Another advantage of 3-D facial recognition is the ability to unlock your phone in cold weather (when you’re wearing gloves). It would be nice to have both options, but I take 3D facial recognition of TouchID any day…

  5. Anyone can say anything and get away with BS… who is going to hold them accountable… ?
    Such is the state of journaism and anal-cyst manipulative ways now a days.
    Fake news rules and no one seens to give a sh–!

    1. Until the SEC gets proper funding (yea, don’t hold your breath) Wall Street shysters and other criminals will continue to operate unimpaired. Caveat emptor.

  6. “would not be good, as it might effectively shut out the new phone from things like Apple Pay.”

    Trying to insinuate that the next iPhone might not have Apple Pay, that that might actually be a thing, just shows how hard Tiernan Ray is trying to shoehorn negative stuff about Apple into his story.

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