“Finnish tech startup Varjo [“shadow” in Finnish] has emerged this month from stealth mode. The company promises to jump-start the next computing platform in VR/AR/XR immersive display technologies,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. “The company is now demonstrating the world’s first Human eye-resolution head-mounted display for upcoming Varjo-branded immersive computing products.”

“Varjo claims its VR technology is 10 years ahead of the industry,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Designed for professionals users and with resolutions greater than 70x beyond what any currently shipping or announced head-mounted display (including Magic Leap), Varjo’s 20/20 technology is a major advancement offering users unprecedented levels of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality solutions.”

“Varjo’s technology is patented technology that replicates how the human eye naturally works, creating super-high resolution images to the user’s gaze direction,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “That technology is combined with ‘video-see-through’ technologies (VST) for unparalleled AR/MR capabilities.”

“For a comparison, Varjo 20/20, the code name for its product that will ship in Q4, 2017, has an effective resolution of 70 MP with 100 percent field of view (FoV),” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Today Oculus and Vive have an effective resolution of 1.2 MP with 100 percent FoV. Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash at the Oculus Connect 3 event predicted back in 2016 that Oculus would reach 16 MP with 140 percent FoV in five years time (2021).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Other VR firms are today experiencing something akin to what BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, etc. experienced (or deluded themselves into denial) on January 9, 2007.

The countdown to Varjo’s acquisition has already begun…