“Of the many technological and ­artistic triumphs of the fashion designer Issey Miyake — from his patented pleating to his soulful sculptural forms — his most famous piece of work will end up being the black mock turtleneck indelibly associated with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs,” Troy Patterson reports for Bloomberg. “The model was retired from production in 2011, after Jobs’s death, but in July, Issey Miyake Inc.— the innovative craftsman’s eponymous clothing brand — is releasing a $270 garment called the Semi-Dull T. It’s 60 percent polyester, 40 percent cotton, and guaranteed to inspire déjà vu.”

“Don’t call it a comeback. The company is at pains to state that the turtleneck, designed by Miyake protégé Yusuke Takahashi with a trimmer silhouette and higher shoulders than the original, isn’t a reissue,” Patterson reports. “And even if the garment were a straight-up imitation, its importance as a cultural artifact is more about the inimitable way Jobs wore it.”

Issey Miyake Inc.'s $270 Semi-Dull T black mock turtleneck

Issey Miyake Inc.’s $270 Semi-Dull T black mock turtleneck

“For Jobs, this way of dressing was a kind of consolation prize after ­employees at Apple Inc. resisted his attempts to create a company uniform,” Patterson reports. “This left Jobs to ­contrive a uniform for himself, and he drew his daily ­wardrobe from a closet stocked with Levis 501s, New Balance 991s, and stacks of black mock turtlenecks — about 100 in total — supplied by Miyake.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s certainly aptly named, although, for some, the price tag surely carries with it a modicum of excitement.