“I’ve been a happy Dropbox subscriber for several years,” Mike Flaminio writes for Insanely Great Mac. “The service works great, but I’ve been having some challenges and I want to consolidate my paid cloud services… [Also], I want to take advantage of macOS’s storage optimization.”

“In recent years, the challenge with Dropbox is syncing to devices with SSD storage. Everything was good when there was hundreds of gigabytes of storage on laptops and terabytes on desktops. It now, however, can be a challenge to sync across all devices when the contents of the cloud accounts could fill up drives,” Flaminio writes. “macOS solves this by automatically removing older, larger files as needed from local storage.”

“Another problem I’m looking to solve is, at least to my understanding, my Dropbox files must live locally somewhere,” Flaminio writes. “My solution has been a desktop with a large storage to house a master of my large files. iCloud Drive doesn’t work this way…”

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MacDailyNews Take: We stopped using DropBox with the advent of iCloud Drive in September 2014 and have never looked back!

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