“Many of Apple’s certified watcher crowd, yours truly included, long for the casual use of the iPad, but with the power of a Mac,” Bambi Brannan writes for Mac360.

“Never the twain shall meet, says Apple’s famous designers and engineers,” Brannan writes. “Instead, the Mac has become thinner and lighter– down to two pounds. And the iPad has become as powerful as the most popular Macs.”

“What I want is a one pound diminutive iPad that can replace my MacBook Pro travel companion,” Brannan writes. “Here it is. The ugly iPad Pro.”

iPad Pro plus Apple Smart Keyboard

“Wait. What? Ugly? Isn’t that image just an iPad Pro with an attachable keyboard? Yeah, kinda sorta mostly. Not quite. But still ugly,” Brannan writes. “Apple’s Smart Keyboard for the 10.5-inch one pound iPad Pro is hefty hefty hefty; in weight and price. First, it’s a nearly full-sized keyboard, but that extra keyboard space beyond the older 9.7-inch Bluetooth external keyboards matters. It’s also overpriced at $159, so I started looking around for an alternative for my soon-to-be-in-my-hands iPad Pro. What I found is the Logitech Slim Combo smart keyboard. It has more features, costs less, does more, uses the iPad Pro’s built-in smart connectors, and is as ugly as sin.”

Brannan writes, “Like the Lunar Lander of the last century, that little beast that could, and did, get astronauts to the moon and back, Slim Combo is so ugly it’s beautiful.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What we like about it is that it’s so utilitarian-looking makes you look like you’re working really hard.

New Logitech Slim Combo keyboard case for iPad Pro, the next generation of personal computing – June 5, 2017