“Microsoft shipped a new edition of Windows 10 last week, preinstalled on its… new Surface Laptop,” Ed Bott writes for ZDNet. “How did reviewers react to Windows 10 S? Spoiler alert: They hated it. They really, really hated it.”

“Microsoft debuted its first true laptop last week,” Bott writes. “Microsoft chose to debut a new edition of Windows with the Surface Laptop, and the same reviewers who loved its elegant design and performance were almost uniformly scathing in their rejection of the brand-new Windows 10 S.”

“And rightly so,” Bott writes. “Whoever made the decision to debut Windows 10 S on this particular piece of hardware was not thinking clearly.”

MacDailyNews Take: A Microsoft employee not thinking clearly? What else is new?

Bott writes, “I can certainly envision customers who would benefit from a laptop running Windows 10 S. I’d love to hand it to a nontechnical user who just wants to use Office, browse the web, and never have to worry about browser hijackers and ransomware.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah. Those customers are called iPad owners. The smart ones, that is.

Bott writes, “But the idea that you’re going to get through four years of college without ever being asked to install a conventional Windows desktop app is laughable.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart college students use Macs. That way they can run the world’s most advanced operating system and also, if they’re forced to, slum it with Windows, too.

All of Microsoft’s hardware is handicapped out of the box and can only run a subset of that software that any Mac can run. Only the morbidly ignorant would choose to greatly limit themselves with non-Apple laptops and/or tablets.

The fact that Apple’s offerings can run macOS and also slum it with Windows if need be – giving users two (or, with Linux, etc., more than two) computers for the price of one – is something Microsoft cannot match, especially with the Surface Laptop shipping with the restricted “Windows S,” requiring an extra expenditure of $50 just to be stuck with standard-issue Windows and all of its inherent issues.

Only Apple Macs can run all of the world’s software. Windows PCs can only run a subset.MacDailyNews, May 11, 2017

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop vs. Apple’s MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pro – May 11, 2017