“The MacBook Air has been such a hit for Apple the past few years that even Microsoft is making one,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “Starting at $999, the Surface Laptop sure looks good – it’s got a MacBook Air price, a wedge shape, weighs 2.76 pounds, the latest Intel core i5 processor, and a high-resolution display.”

“Given that Apple hasn’t updated the MacBook Air in ages, the Surface Laptop attacks Apple at a vulnerable spot right in the midst of a product transition,” Snell writes. “Well played by Microsoft, but if you look a bit closer it sure looks like Apple’s got the Surface Laptop surrounded.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree with Snell that “the MacBook’s positioned quite nicely… it just needs an update.”

The fact that Apple’s offerings can run macOS and also slum it with Windows if need be – giving users two (or, with Linux, etc., more than two) computers for the price of one – is something Microsoft cannot match, especially with the Surface Laptop shipping with the restricted “Windows S,” requiring an extra expenditure of $50 just to be stuck with standard-issue Windows and all of its inherent issues.

Only Apple Macs can run all of the world’s software. Windows PCs can only run a subset.

Apple will find it hard to ignore Microsoft’s new $999 Surface Laptop – May 2, 2017