“In addition to its memorable products, Apple is also known for its ads,” Patrick Holland writes for CNET. “The company uses video masterfully to sell itself and products. Apple’s ads, product launch videos and marketing films reflect thematic threads that the company has carefully spun throughout its history.”

“Its latest video, the WWDC short film ‘Appocalypse,’ is a polished Hollywood-level satire about a future when apps stop working,” Holland writes “The topical film shows just how far Apple has evolved comically, cinematically and emotionally in its ads and videos over the years.”

“‘Appocalypse’ wasn’t Apple’s first foray into a cinematic bleak future. The ad ‘1984’ introduced the company and its Macintosh computer to the world, and threw a metaphorical sledgehammer in the face of IBM, the biggest maker of personal computers at the time,” Holland writes. “‘The ‘1984’ ad was a simple, brilliant middle finger to the personal computer establishment of the day,’ says filmmaker Patrick Read Johnson.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Appocalypse” was a nice little paean to iOS developers, but with zero percent of the impact delivered by the seminal “1984.”

The absence of Steve Jobs is blatantly obvious in myriad ways and certainly in Apple’s video and marketing efforts.