“New research from IDC, released by Salesforce, claims that artificial intelligence (AI) will create 823,734 jobs by the year 2021, surpassing the number of jobs lost to AI technologies such as machine learning and automation,” Conner Forrest reports for TechRepublic. “Additionally, the report predicted that AI will increase global business revenues by $1.1 trillion in the same time frame.”

“The two statistics mentioned above will both come about as a result of ‘efficiencies driven by AI in CRM,’ the report found,” Forrest reports. “And, if one includes indirect obs, the number of jobs added by AI jumps to 2 million. ‘This is a net-positive figure in that it includes an estimate of jobs lost to automation from AI,’ according to the report.”

“The big takeaway from this research is the idea that AI will create more jobs than it displaces,” Forrest reports. “This stands in stark contrast to other research, such as that from MIT economist Erik Brynjolfsson, that suggests AI and automation will replace more jobs that it will create. Other, more dire, claims state that there’s a 50% chance that AI will outperform humans in every job in just 45 years.”

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