“Why on earth would you want to use your iPhone’s camera to scan a two-dimensional block-and-dot code?” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.How could this possibly have a benefit worth the trouble? Why would Apple have any interest in building this in as an automatic feature within its Camera app?”

“Ask folks in China and Japan where advertisers, handset makers, and cell carriers pioneered 2D codes over 15 years ago,” Fleishman writes. “Apple says its listening to the Chinese market in adding 2D code scanning, but the benefits will be there for users worldwide.”

“Apple’s addition to iOS 11 will let you open URLs, add contacts, and even join Wi-Fi networks with just the Camera app plus a tap to confirm,” Fleishman writes. “While it’s common to ridicule QR codes, that was because of pure inconvenience. With ease, will usage grow?”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re doubtful QR code use will grow in the U.S. unless there’s some extremely compelling reason to uses them (big savings!) as they’re seen as passé, at best, when they’re seen at all.