“Google has hired a veteran chip architect away from Apple and is now looking to build its own chips for future versions of its flagship Pixel phone, Variety has learned from sources familiar with the hire,” Janko Roettgers reports for Variety.

“Manu Gulati, who had been spearheading Apple’s own chip developments for close to eight years, joined Google in the last few weeks. He publicly announced the job change on his Linkedin profile Tuesday morning, stating that he now works as Google’s Lead SoC Architect,” Roettgers reports. “Gulati started working at Apple in 2009, and was instrumental to the company’s efforts to build custom chips for the iPad, the iPhone and Apple TV. Apple began using its own chips in 2010, starting with the introduction of the iPad in 2010, which was powered by the company’s A4 chip. To this day, the company uses custom-designed microchips for each of their devices, which make it possible to optimize processors both for performance and energy consumption.”

“In contrast, Google relied on a chip designed and manufactured by Qualcomm when it introduced its first Pixel phones last fall. The same chip is being used by a number of other Android phone manufacturers, including HTC, LG, Lenovo and Asus — all of which goes to say that these phones all offer very similar performance specs,” Roettgers reports. “Hiring Gulati could now help Google to get an edge over other companies. Losing him, on the other hand, is a significant blow for Apple. The Cupertino-based computer maker filed a total of 15 chip-related patents that credit Gulati as one of the inventors. Some of these filings describe fundamental chip architecture, while others are more specific to certain applications. For example, one of his patents described hardware-based security for Apple Pay that securely stores a user’s fingerprint on the iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Google is getting tired of having iPhones and iPads run rings around their and every other Android phone and tablet on the planet.

So, Glulati was a “Micro-Architect” at Apple, part of a team, but he’s the “Lead SOC Architect” at Google.

Sounds like a case of no hope for upward movement at Apple, a chance to lead an SoC team presented itself, so he took it.

Apple will be just fine.

(And, look at Variety breaking tech news now!)