“Apple’s OS schedule this year is pretty much the same as last year’s. Developers have already received real early beta versions of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4. A few weeks later, regular Apple customers should be able to share in the joy; well, except for watchOS 4,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “The Apple TV OS is being offered via the public beta program for the first time.”

“A key reason why watchOS isn’t offered is, if you get into trouble, you’d have to ship your Apple Watch back to Apple to set things right, maybe replace it,” Steinberg writes. “But that doesn’t mean you should be cavalier about running beta operating systems on your other Apple gear. It can be fun, but it can also be downright infuriating, because there may be all sorts of bugs, discovered and otherwise, waiting to bite.”

Steinberg writes, “My best recommendation, based on several decades of loyal and sometimes exasperated beta testing, is to hold off installing anything until you check the tech sites (we didn’t have that option in the old days) and see what others are encountering. I’ll let you know how things are working for me as I proceed through the process.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s be careful out there! Install betas on machines (or external drives) that aren’t production machines. If you have an old iPad or iPhone that you’re not using, they’re the perfect place to try out the iOS betas if you’re so inclined. Good luck and have fun! Everyone else should skip the betas and wait until the public release date as usual.