“This fall, Apple will bring us the latest of its California-themed updates to its desktop operating system with macOS High Sierra. Like any new software release showed off in a carefully rehearsed demo, High Sierra looked promising during its Monday introduction at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference,” Rob Pegoraro writes for Yahoo Finance. “For example, the new Apple File System should speed common desktop tasks like duplicating files or calculating a folder’s size.”

“But there are still some issues Apple didn’t mention during its keynote — lingering problems with the Mac’s core software that we can only hope see attention in the final version of High Sierra,” Pegoraro writes. “The single most maddening part of my Mac experience is discovering that a web page or web pages have caused Safari (or, less often, Chrome) to devour memory and make it impossible to use any other app… That’s pathetic. Apple made pre-emptive multitasking, a process that’s supposed to prevent this kind of problem with Safari, one of the main features of macOS, previously called OS X, when it debuted back in 2000. And Apple knows how to do this. Just look at iOS, where I never have to live in fear that a rogue page has led Safari to clamp its hands around the throat of the operating system.”

“iTunes,” Pegoraro writes. “Oh, iTunes…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Rock solid memory management is atop our list, too.

As for iTunes, good luck. And that goes for everybody from those of us who use it to anyone at Apple tasked with de-bloating it.